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halloween is love: a mini update on my life

Best weekend ever.  The Halloween spirits brought all my favourite people together.  Or maybe it was the ridiculous blizzard in Massachusettes.  Either way, good times were had.  I got to do all the fun Halloween stuff AND I got playtime in the snow and hot chocolate.     Photobucket

We’re kind of adorable.  Pedophiles construction workers and cats make the best couples, methinks.

Three cheers to Jess for bringing me back to my girlish roots and painting my nails.  I’m not supposed to have nail polish in clinical, but the nurses seem to love them (as do I).   Photobucket

And just for fun, a picture of my Maddiekins…so happy she could be there with us :) It’s been totally shitty not being able to see my girlies on the regular.  Photobucket


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